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Security Solutions for your Applications. Integrated into your Dev/DevOps Lifecycle.

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Integrated across the SDLC to support continuous application security at each step.

Security innovations

The Absorber Security Platform

Eliminate all security risks in one platform. Highly adaptable for the different development processes and easily customizable.

For Developers
Build applications, leave security to us. Easly integration in CI/CD Don’t need to use additional tools. Integration into exists.
For Security Engineers
High visibility of security in an application on every development cycle. Easy scalable for hundreds of applications.
For Managers
Check the security status of projects every time moment. Use a security score for performance review.
  • Discover all public assets and be aware if something changed.
  • Be faster to detect security issues the hackers do it. 
  • Find vulnerabilities in your websites and web applications.
  • Detects every page and every business case and tests it.
  • The AI-powered platform decreases the false-positive rate and increases test coverage. 
  • Controls every API endpoint and performs testing on every new change. 
  • Builds automatic test cases similar to real user behavior to achieve full API usage coverage.
  • Uncovers API vulnerabilities and risks.

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