Continuous Penetration Testing

Continuous monitoring as a service

In places where traditional penetration testing may not be the right match, continuous penetration testing aims to offer a solution. Environments change, after all. A typical penetration test is just a snapshot of what the device or network’s security status was at the time of testing. What happens a month later if a new API is linked, added to a new server, or otherwise changed by your environment? With the next upgrade, a web application that was stable yesterday might shift. Chances are, whether it undergoes an annual or even bi-annual penetration inspection, this concern will not be noticed until the next round of testing. This will leave the world vulnerable to vulnerability before the next one.

A solution is given by our continuous penetration testing service to combat this problem. We monitor the world on an ongoing basis instead of just one test a year. We are capable of stimulating a more practical mode of testing by continuous penetration testing. There are malicious hacking attempts all the time, so why shouldn’t penetration tests happen all the time?