Web Applications Security

Identify security problems with the software apps and protect them from real-world attack scenarios. Our approach, which consists of robust automated and manual penetration testing procedures, will dramatically boost the company’s security posture.

Using deep vulnerability inspections and the new offensive security tactics, we will work to identify crucial bugs in the software before they are abused. We use the hands-on assessment of our professional ethical hackers to replicate the behaviors and tactics employed by the threat actors.

What is this?

Penetration checking is the process of attempting to hack into your own IT processes and is generally referred to as pentesting. “Considered hacking to be “white-hat. That is to say, the act of performing a “pentest” is no different than what a hacker might do to break into your device, except it is “good” hacking if you or an organization specialized in penetration testing wants the test done.

Why is it important?

It is often called “offensive security,” which means that instead of waiting around for an attack that would test the security mechanisms of the IT agency, an entity or corporation should deliberately attempt the break-in itself and help make decisions about the effectiveness of the security configuration of the system.